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Master’s Thesis

Private apartment, Manhattan

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Mark Shaw’s iconic image of Coco Chanel at the Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris

San Francisco based designer @catherinekwong using the large scale limited edition print by Mark Shaw. Photograph called “Backstage at Pierre Balmain – Paris 1954”

published by @ElleDecor and apartment designed by @nateberkus and Anne Cole for producer Ellen Rakieten

The beautiful Dior/Mark Shaw coffee table book in all its glory!


Stunning red to compliment a beautiful Mark Shaw image


Gorgeous interior by @windsorsmithhome


From Elle Decor (May 2015) via Liz O’Brien Gallery


More about Liz O’Brien Gallery.

Mug and T-Shirt from Exhibition at the Field Museum (Chicago, IL)


More about the Field Museum exhibition.

Mark Shaw’s photograph of Jackie on a postcard from the Metropolitan Museum of Art



met-postcard-jackie-yellow-backMore about the Met exhibition.

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