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Relive the golden age of the Jet Set with Mark Shaw’s captivating snapshots

In collaboration with Aston Martin, ‘Mark Shaw: A Moment in Time’ will showcase exclusive imagery from one of the top photographers of the 1950s…

From Coco Chanel to John F. Kennedy, Mark Shaw has captured some of the world’s biggest public figures of the era in a light never seen before. His work in fashion and portraiture was lorded as some of the finest of its genre, and with this new exhibition, the public is given the chance to view works previously in storage for over 40 years. Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, and Dame Elizabeth Taylor are just some of the illustrious names to stand before Shaw’s lens, and for fortunate exhibition goers, a limited number of prints of these unseen works will be available at No.8 Dover Street, Mayfair.

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