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The Mark Shaw Photographic Archive was founded in 1996 by Mark Shaw’s only child David Shaw and Juliet Cuming Shaw, currently Director of the Archive.

The purpose of the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive is to preserve and promote the work of Mark Shaw through a variety of approaches, including:  print saleslicensing projects,  books, and exhibitions.

Since founding the Archive, Shaw and Cuming have spent countless hours searching through Mark Shaw’s vintage film and releasing images for licensing or for sale as Giclee prints. Additionally they have been involved in producing books and exhibitions of Mark Shaw’s work. Please feel free to contact the Archive if you have any special projects or requests.

After years of Mark Shaw being known as the “Kennedy photographer”, with the October 2013 release of Dior Glamour, David Shaw and Juliet Cuming are looking forward to the rediscovery of Mark Shaw as one of America’s premier fashion photographers.

Based in Vermont, the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive is currently the only solar and wind-powered photo archive in the world. It is housed in an all-natural straw bale building that operates entirely off the electric grid.

Read about the Archive's history in this coverage of a recent show in Asia. from Singapore Business Times – January 29, 2016.
November 2015. Mark Shaw’s son David Shaw, Juliet Cuming, Director of the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive, their daughter and Mark Shaw’s wife Pat Suzuki Shaw at the opening of Tiger Morse by Mark Shaw: Jet Set Style Quest, 1962 at the Liz O’Brien Gallery.
November 2013. Mark Shaw’s grandson Hunter and his mom, Juliet, with Dior Glamour Mark Shaw.
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