Representation Abroad

Hunter Cuming Shaw

Hunter Cuming Shaw is Mark Shaw’s grandson and the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive’s representative for Singapore and environs.

Hunter is currently attending Yale-NUS in Singapore with a major in Arts and Humanities. Hunter is developing creative new ways of using Mark Shaw’s photographs.

For further information

Hunter Cuming Shaw
Creative Director
Singapore: +65 9152 4354
USA: +1 (802) 380 0006

Japan & Korea:
Hyun Namkoong

Hyun Namkoong is the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive’s Tokyo based representative for Japan and Korea. Hyun works with publishers, sales agents and exhibition partners in Japan and Korea to introduce Mark Shaw’s photographic work to Japan and Korea. Additionally, Hyun Namkoong and her branding company, Forest in the Boat, is working to develop a Lifestyle Brand inspired by Mark Shaw and his unique history.

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Hyun Namkoong
CEO & President
forest in the boat Holdings Japan
Keats Inc.Korea
Tokyo: +81.90.2643.0710
Seoul: +82.10.5240.1404

UK & Australia:
Madeleine Khoshab

Madeleine Khoshab is Mark Shaw’s distant cousin and the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive’s representative for the UK & Australian market.

Madeleine graduated from Southampton University & Winchester School of Art in 2009 with a BA in Textile Design and has since worked with various art galleries across the UK including the Halcyon Group. Madeleine has managed two of their Castle Fine Art galleries over the past three years including one of their top London galleries before moving to Sydney, Australia.

Having moved to Sydney in March 2016, Madeleine’s focus is now entirely on the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive, helping to preserve and promote the work of Mark Shaw.

For further information

Madeleine Khoshab
Director of Sales, UK and Australia

UK: +447731970387
Skype: Madeleine.Khoshab